About SabaSurf Co.

Our goal for Saba Surf is to be the only wax you ever reach for. Each bar is hand-poured in Venice, CA, and we use premium materials to ensure reliability. We don't have different temperatures or levels of tackiness because we've already spent time developing a product that works effectively in ANY condition.

Our basecoat is bumpy, applies quickly and easily, and delivers a reliable grip. 

Our top coat is sticky, but the land your airs  kind of sticky. Not the get gunk stuck in your leg hair and ruin your boardies kind of sticky. 

Just like we believe that a good wax is an essential part of a good surf session; we also believe that surf culture and the community are what make the experience of surfing so cool. We developed Saba Surf Co. not only to create a great surf wax but also to create a company that contributes to the surf community. We are using our profits to partner with local artists, shapers, surfers, photographers, designers, environmental groups, and anyone else who makes cool stuff.  When you buy a bar of saba surf wax, you are funding your next favorite surf project! 

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