Todays Breaks are NOT Tomorrows Breaks: How the rising tides effects well known surf spots.

As the world's climate continues to change, the future of surf spots is uncertain. Rising sea levels, increased erosion, and shifting currents are just a few of the factors that could greatly alter the surf landscape as we know it. In the next 100 years, we may see many famous surf spots disappearing, while new and previously unknown spots may become the go-to destination for surfers.


One of the biggest concerns for surf spots is sea level rise. With the world's oceans projected to rise by several feet over the next century, many low-lying surf spots will be at risk of disappearing. Places like Hawaii's North Shore, California's Huntington Beach, and Australia's Gold Coast are just a few of the iconic surf spots that could be impacted by rising seas. In addition to sea level rise, increased erosion caused by human development and climate change could also claim many surf spots.


Another significant factor that could change surf spots is the changing temperature of the oceans. As the Earth's climate warms, we may see changes in the patterns of ocean currents, which could affect the formation of swells and the quality of the surf. For example, some areas that currently have consistent, high-quality surf may see a decline in wave quality, while new areas may become prime surf spots.


Despite these challenges, there is also the possibility that new surf spots will be created as a result of these changes. As sea levels rise and beaches erode, new reef breaks and points may form, providing fresh surf opportunities. Additionally, as the Earth's climate changes, we may see new areas that were previously too cold for surf become more accessible.


The next 100 years could bring significant changes to the surf spots we know and love. While we may see many famous spots disappearing, we may also discover new and exciting surf destinations. It is important for surfers and surf communities to adapt to these changes and to work towards protecting and preserving our oceans and beaches for future generations. As responsible surfers, we must also adapt to these changes and work on protecting and preserving our beaches and oceans for future generations, who will also want to enjoy the beauty of the waves.

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